Do you need to find a way to maximise your brand equity?
Are client relationships important to your business?
Do you want to understand the needs of your consumers?
Are you looking for an impactful way of launching a new product or service?
Is stakeholder confidence paramount to your business growth?
Why Sponsor a Race Day?

· Sponsorship is the fastest-growing sales and marketing tactic. Why? Because it works.

· You reach a target audience that consists of middle to upper socio-economic segments including high net worth individuals, corporate Barbados, business owners and decision makers, high disposable income individuals, racing enthusiasts, middle income families, and socialites (anyone looking for a great day out).

· Direct contact with your clients in a special and enjoyable setting inspires and increases brand loyalty.

· Associating your company with a national and international sporting event increases brand image and profile of your company’s products and services. Image and event association.

· Targeted networking deepens your relationship with customers/clients/stakeholders/employees.

· A BTC sponsorship offers your company an effective alternative to traditional advertising methods to communicate sales messages.

· Sponsorship is the most direct channel of communication to your target audience.

For further information regarding sponsorship opportunities please contact:

Rosette M. Peirce
Email: rpeirce@barbadosturfclub.org