About 200 years ago, there was a King who loved horse racing. The King asked his royal watchmakers to invent a device that could record the exact times run by individual horses. In 1821, in a horserace in Paris, Nicolas Rieussec succeeded in inventing a machine, with an accuracy of a quarter of a second that could record the times of each horse. Rieussec’s invention was known as the “time-writer” and was known as the world’s first chronograph. It consisted of a box with two rotating discs, a feature that is unique to the Montblanc Star Nicolas Rieussec.

Since 1997, Montblanc has been making timepieces at its own manufacture at Montblanc Montre S.A. in Le Locle, Switzerland.  The manufacture is housed in a historic villa built in 1906, the same year the cornerstone for the company Montblanc was placed. Montblanc’s passionate master watchmakers combine historic traditions of the art of Swiss watchmaking with the very latest technology. In recent years, they have also provided regular surprises in the form of exclusive new models. In 2008, Montblanc unveiled the first movement it had developed entirely in-house, and joined an exclusive circle of watch manufacturers who produce their own calibres and have a high level of manual expertise. It was the birth of the Montblanc Star Nicolas Rieussec Monopusher Chronographs, which were among the most significant new products from the industry in 2008.

With the Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec Collection, and especially with its first own manufacture movements, the hand-wound calibre MB R100 and the self-winding calibre MB R200 built from start to finish in the workshops in Le Locle, Montblanc established its credentials as one of a select group of watch brands referred to as manufacturers.

Montblanc Star Nicolas Rieussec Monopusher Chronograph

The exclusive chronograph is not only one of the most outstanding watches in the Montblanc collection but also holds a very special place in the ranks of timepieces from all the world’s manufacturers. The lucky individual who owns one can rest assured that, in terms of design and technology, his wristwatch is a genuine rarity. Even the way the stopwatch function records time is unusual and, unlike conventional chronographs, does not involve hands revolving round the main dial and counters on subdials.

The dial features two small, calibrated discs from which the elapsed seconds and minutes can be read off with the help of fixed hands. This arrangement makes the Montblanc Star Nicolas Rieussec Monopusher Chronograph a fitting tribute to the ingenious watchmaker by the name of Nicolas Rieussec who invented the chronograph almost two hundred years ago. As a leading writing instruments brand, Montblanc has a natural affinity towards chronographs (literally, ‘writers of time’, from the Greek words chronos = time and graphein = write), as reflected in the many models with stopwatch functions in the collection.

The patent awarded to Nicolas Rieussec in 1822 describes a timepiece with two rotating discs, on which elapsed times were marked using ink-filled, nib-like pointers. The principle was taken up by Montblanc in the Montblanc Star Nicolas Rieussec Monopusher Chronographs, further developed and given a contemporary interpretation that immediately appealed to discerning watch collectors and genuine watch connoisseurs.

As collectors’ items, the various models of this timepiece are strictly limited available exclusively at DIAMONDS INTERNATIONAL.

Reference #: 104705

Montblanc Star Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph – Open Date

  • 18 K red gold case, brown alligator-skin strap
  • MB R110 movement, manual-winding
  • Chronograph featuring 60-second and 30-minute counters using rotating discs and fixed hands
  • Limited edition of 50 pieces